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Programmable Logic Control


Hands on upgrading of existing plant systems to PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS.

The various process documentation and ladder logic design to input to Brand Name PLC software. Maintenance, fault finding, calibration and REPAIR of such PLC systems, inclusive of SCADA,(supervisory control and data acquisition), wireless systems, and HMI, (human machine interface), implementation and integration. This course is of special interest to Plant Electricians, Instrument Technicians, Waste Water plant staff and plant engineers. Others would be Lift/elevator technicians, municipal road traffic electricians and robotic specialists. The advantage of this type of course is that it is NOT brand specific, but offers a generic ladder logic formulation that can then be placed on the brand name software for coding.

  • Plant Safety & Lockout Procedures
  • PLC Hardware
  • Logical Sensors
  • Boolean Logic Design
  • Presence Detection & Actuators
  • Karnaugh Maps
  • PLC Operation
  • Latches
  • Timers & Counters
  • Structural Logic Design
  • Flow Chart & State Base Design
  • Data Characterization
  • Structural Text Programming
  • Analog Inputs/Outputs
  • Continuous Actuators & Control
  • Serial Communication
  • HMI’s
  • Wireless & Networking
  • Software Engineering