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Instrumentation with Process Control


This course offers the student an understanding of PLANT and PROCESS Automation and process CONTROL.

The calibration and adherence to standards of the various instrumentation processes. Together with the necessary adherence certification and documentation required. The compiling and understanding/reading plant process and layout documentation/diagrams. The implementation, repair, calibration and fabrication of plant and process control, with specific emphasis placed on the various forms of control and fault finding/maintenance there on. Inter trade disciplines, and the interactions with them in a plant environment, together with Plant safety and Procedures.

  • Plant Safety / Lockout Procedures
  • AC & DC Electricity
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Boiler Water Level Control
  • Waste Water Control
  • Calibration & Standards
  • Plant & Instrument Diagrams / Documentation
  • Relay & Alarm Wiring * Sanitary Plant Fitting & Instrumentation Environment Practice
  • Fault Finding & Isolation
  • Continuous Level / Flow / Temp
  • Pressure Control
  • PLC Operation & Fault Finding