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Data Cabling (LAN)


Semi-Skilled Course



  • Health & Safety
  • Identification, Use & Care of Tools & Equipment
  • Introduction to Electrical Components
  • Basic Practical use of Power Tools
  • Basic Practical use of PVC Conduit
  • Termination of Distribution Box
  • Three Phase Load Balancing
  • Building of Wiring Looms
  • Terminating Patch Panel and Key Stones
  • Fly Leads with RJ45
  • Building of Cabling Routes
  • Installation of Network & Testing
  • Final Assessment
  • Portfolio of Evidence


  • Enrolment forms must be completed and returned at least 1 week before the relevant course begins.
  • Full payment must be received before starting date.
  • A 10% handing fee will apply for refunds (Only original proof of payment will be accepted).
  • Companies must request a formal quotation before payment is made.
  • Students are required to attend a minimum of 70% of classes, to be allowed to write the final assessment.
  • Applicants must be 16 years or older.
  • Supporting Documents:
    • Valid Identification Document
    • Proof of Payment
    • Proof of Bank Account